• Number 19; Bullet in the Brain.
  • Number 9; The Lottery... "'It isn't fair, it isn't right,' Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her."
  • Number 3; Cask of Amantillado.
  • Number 18; Wing Biddlebaum from Hands to Georgy from Emergency.
  • Number 13; Priscilla and the Wimps.
  • Number 12; Gasman from daughter's perspective.
  • Own story: "A Greater Vision"
  • Own story: "And we Loved Her"

1) Why did the cop get so defensive about the guy previously put in jail being innocent?
The cop got defensive because he was guilty. He felt that he should have been with his partner and able to protect him even though the seemed to not be on duty. The cop did not like that the other man was questioning him the way he did, and he wanted to be right about the convicted man because if he was not right, his guilt would be even more than it already was. It was not about his pride, but about the feelings he held for his partner and the guilt he had for his death.

2) Why did the convicted woman lie to her husband about not killing the cop?
The woman lied to her husband about killing the cop because she did not want her husband and daughter to be even more upset with her. She loves them. She even said to she started a whole new life with them and could handle anything as long as her daughter did not think she was a murderer. She also held guilt about killing the cop. She's had to live with this pain for years and has had time to process everything she's done. She does not want to add anything else to what her family thinks about her, but I believe it'd be better if she just came clean because she'd feel better and it's going to come out anyway.

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What is a Short Story?
a piece of prose fiction, usually under 10,000 words.

A short piece of prose fiction, having few characters and aiming at unity of effect.
What is a Short Story?