3. (W) Write a letter to the author (Hands)
Free Write Activity (Spinning thoughts)
'9. Choose your favorite qoute from the story. Discuss what you found appealing about it(''Nothing puzzles god'')
19. (W) Write a responce to a comment made online regarding your story. (Cast of the monto)
18. (W) Write a letter to the character for the same or different story.(Bullet in the brain)

10. (C) Top 10 list- list ten things you learned from this story
32. (C) The eddible review

1.)Why does she lie so much?
- I think she lies so much because she knows the truth. She probably was made to act that way just in case she ever got into one of those positions. Also she was probably was brian watched into saying/ repeating things so she would never get into any trouble. However i personally think they did a lot of brian washing with all of them so if they ever got into trouble with the police they would know exactly what to say. Also if they all said the same things there would be no suspicion.
2.) Why does sharon get upset when she saw kevin?
- I think Sharon knew when she saw kevin that she felt guilty about putting all the blame on him. She also probably knew he was a good person, doing a good deed to her because he liked her soo much. Also when he went to go see her he told her that he forgives her for everything. Sharon probably felt even more guilty for him getting into trouble with the cops and getting in jail. Also for him spending most of his time in jail his whole life.

Why are storys important?

Storytelling is a part of life, intrinsic to most cultures. They help people make sense of the world--life's experiences, dilemmas and hardships. Stories can educate, inspire and build rapport. They are a means of communicating, recreating, and helping preserve cultures by translating memories into a more concrete manner that can be handed down verbally or in written form. Telling the story can provide the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one's experiences and oneself.


Cheyenne Bushnell
Bergman & Mrs. Cozzolino
Short Story
20 lined Poem

Have you ever felt like your life?
Is spinning in a millions of directions
And you don’t know where to turn?
Well I have almost everyday
It’s the most drastic feeling in the world
Especially when you don’t know what to do with your life
Or where you’re going
Or what you’re going to see
But most importantly what your future has to hold
Everyone I know has applied to some kind of college
Or has their whole life planned out
But I don’t
I wake up almost every day and think to myself
Is today going to be the day I’m going to decide?
I know I’m only 18 years old
In high school
And a senior
I’m not suppose to know
But I would love to just have an idea
I know patience is a value and I need to respect that
It’s my life
I don’t want to wait any longer than I have
Everyone says when you’re a teenager
It’s the best times of your life
They say you’re young and free
But in reality
I think other wise
It’s the most difficult
Time of your life
Our whole life is in front of us
And while I’m spinning in a millions of directions
Don’t know which way is up I wait to see what
My future has to hold

Spinning in a million directions
And I don’t know where to turn
Don’t know where to go from here
I wake up every day and think
What’s going to happen from here?

Change is what I fear
I have my problems.
What make me is me
Going to be a whole new world.
I’m also the older one
Buck wild is my life.
I am excited for my future
Don’t know where to go from here.