3. (W) write a letter to the author of "The Lottery"
8. (W) write a letter to one of the characters or people in the story
9. (W) fiction or reality. choose a character that seems to have realistic experiences. write about something similiar that has happened to you.

21.(C) be a mordem artist. using various mediums, create a collage that comments on a particular theme or issue in the story.
27.(C) desing a comic strip retelling some event in the story.


Q. why does the police want to arrest the bloond old girl?
A. because she stole a bank and killed a police officer

Q.what was kevin's family reaction when he got home?
A. his family was so happy they made a little welcome party for him.

(5 points)ejb

3) What can it tell us about ourselves?

In order for a short story to inspire us, it has to affect us. When we experience a short story, we take into consideration how we feel about the characters, how involved we are in the story's action and whether we are happy or sad with the ending. Stories that inspire us should evoke feelings in us. Are we angry at characters for their behavior? Did our feelings toward one of the characters change as we read the story? How does the story relate to our personal experience or the experience of someone we know? What we think and believe affects how we experience the short story and whether or not we are inspired by the story.

Read more: Do Short Stories Inspire Our Lives? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_7933707_do-short-stories-inspire-lives.html#ixzz2C6wuZG9C

Tanka 5/7/5/7/7
Esteban Perez
Listen to my tale
I am one of two children
I’m really funny
I’m also the older one
And I like to play soccer.

Listen to my tale
What make me is me
I wake up everyday and think
I am positive
Buck wild is my life
I have my problems
Going to be a whole new world
Change is what I fear