1. 2(W)- Discuss an in depth relevance of the title, "Bullet in the Brain"
2. 3(W)- Write a letter to the author of "Bullet in the Brain"
3. 8(W)- Write a letter to the narrator from "Emergency"
4. 9(W)- Choose your favorite quote from "Emergency" and discuss what you found appealing about it
5. 18(W)- Write a letter from the narrator to Georgie, or vice versa, from the story, "Emergency"
6. 29(W)- Write a one-page paper explaining why you would or would not like to trade places with one of the characters from "Emergency"
7. 14(C)- Make a poster for "Emergency." Include characters and important images.
8. 24(C)- Act out a telephone conversation between tweo characters from "Emergency"

Q: Of what significance did the old man serve?
A: Fearless chased him down and tackled him because he was running with someone's belongings. When they took him in for questioning, it turned out that he knew information about the robbery and murders.

Q: Why was Kevin a liable suspect for the robbery and murder?
A: Kevin was a liable suspect because he provided Sharon a ride after the robbery and the murders were already committed. He was just providing a ride for a friend and was innocent yet still served 26 years in prison.