Jess Accetta
Short Story
Mr. Bergman
Mrs. Cozz


All the interviews done certainly had a personal tone and a great degree of effect on both partners in the assignment. I know that despite the difficulties it was still a brilliant experience and greatly enjoyable.
From interviewing Scotty I found that we had a few things in common. We both moved to Clinton after living in Long Island. We were only a few towns away from each other. Also we have funny nick names by a family member. Scott’s mother calls him “Bunnykinz” and my sister who is now thirteen used to and sometimes calls me “Jecca”. Even though we do not have much more in common than that it was still a fun experience to get to know one another and share and relate different stories.
Even though we may have had fun we still experienced technical difficulties. Even though in the end when we completed our project we had a good laugh about it, before that we weren’t laughing so much. The first time we recorded the entire segment and in the end we accidently taped over it by not pressing stop. The second and third time it would not play back at all. Finally the fourth time when we heard it play back to us we thought we had finished. When we came back the next day to complete our project we found that it was there just not playing back at all! Oh well guess we have to do it again. So Mrs. Doey and Mrs. Robinson always being helpful had us all sit in the little closet behind her office and work on our presentation there. Well there were only two problems with that. One we almost got locked in twice. Then when Mrs. Doey left the office to attend to another student you heard her talking and we forgot to stop it. Then finally when Mrs. Robinson recorded us I forgot to turn off the metronome. Eventually we left the mini office and went into the open area where Mrs. Doey had recorded both of us and we managed to get everything done. Then when Scott interviewed me he forgot his questions and he went well without them. By the end of the period we had some how successfully managed to complete both of the projects and we were successfully finished. Thankfully if we did not have the wonderful teachers at the library we would not have been able to complete what we did. So THANKS A BUNCH!!!
To be really quite honest I am not really positive as to where my next step would be to go with the I-pads considering I already have issues with them I have no desire to go back so soon and work with them. If anything I would like to take computer classes from Iron Man and learn how to at least turn on the I-pads rather than work with them again. But the project itself was massively enjoyable and I would gladly do it again!

Tanka: 5/7/5/7/7

What makes me is me.
I am wild an loud
I'm independent
I may cause tribulations
But I always resolve them

Cento: Eight lines gathered from varying classmates's poems

Listen to my tale
I am going out of control
I have no patience for this
What is going to happen to me from here?
I have confidence that even though
change is what I fear
It's going to be a whole new world