written- 1 Write a letter to the author - Lone Ranger and also 9/11 film DONE
Written- 2 and 3 Discuss in depth the relevance of the title - Tell tale heart and the cask of amontillado DONE
Written- Write a letter to one of the characters or people in the story - squeeze

written- 4 write a letter from one character to another character for the same or different story. - - squeeze DONE
written-5 write a one page paper explaining why or why not you would like to trade places with one of the characters in a story.- cask of amontilado or tell tale heart or [[#|lottery]]

Written-6 Relevance of [[#|a quote]] - Squeeze DONE
creative- top 10 list - squeeze or persicalla and the whimps
creative- collage

This is just a rough draft of what stories I'm using, since I don't have my notebook to help me choose. I am going to edit this tonight.

The Curse of the Fat face
Do you think her mother had a good amount of support for her or any impact to her decisions?
Personally I think her mother did not have any support for her, she sat outside of her daughters door to listen to her daughter talking to herself not knowing that it is a work out to fix the fat on her face. Plus the fact that her mom thought that she was being selfish about her daughters privacy is redulious because if I was a mother of a daughter that was being isolated from me and being so private I would see what was going on to see what was making her so private it would be my duty as a mother to do that. However it can be the daughters fault as well because she did not let her mom know about her insecurities so that maybe her mom would be able to help and she would not have to go through all this pain. Then again we look at the sentence in the story when it says her mom brings her to the hospital in a caddilac, her mother maybe never had time for her daughter and could never reach out for her because she never had time too. BUT that is the moms fault, she needs to find time for her daughter and be there for her at all times, not just there for her when it is actually serious and the daughter needs to be rushed to the hospital.

What the title means?
The title says, "The Curse Of The Fat Face"
But what is the curse? and what can break the curse? The curse is obvious, it is the girls insecurity of her face thinking she has a fat face. Now what to do to break the curse could happen many ways. People say about curses is that you can either reverse them, or just fully break the curse forever. I think it was the mother that could break the curse. The mother was never there to tell her daughter to maybe never listen to the kids because they were maybe just jealous of her, or tell her that she was beautiful, just something up lifting so it would never get to the point where the daughter passed away. Her mother could have broken the curse if she gave her daughter enough time in her life to support her, give her confidence and what it says in the story, "In her mothers eyes she was simply thin" If her mother told her that the curse could have been broken. Her mother never stepped up to stop her daughters curse, she had no impact and that is why when her mother finally wanted to [[#|step]] in, but stepped in for the wrong reason, because of her daughter being "selfish" is why it was to late and the daughter passed on. The mother never had time to break the curse and she can only blame herelf for it.

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NEW paper of relevance of the title “Tell Tale Heart”

The relevance of this story the “Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe refers to the old mans heart beat. The eighth night is when you first hear the heart beating. It is the beginning of the story where the narrator (the teller of the story) starts to go crazy with the fear he has. The beating heart gets the teller of the story to become angry, crazy, wild, and extreme, however this is only in the one room of the old man. This is when he plans to kill the old man and get rid of the beating heart, but that is what he thinks. The next time he hears the beating is when he kills the old man thinking it will all be done. After his fear kicks in allowing him to be sure he hides the body parts he cuts up and hiding it underneath the floorboards. After he killed the man the cops come and he completely lies to them with no show of fear but almost the feeling like it was okay what he just did. The heart keeps beating after that, but it is only being the narrator feeling bad for killing the old man. In a way we can look at it as karma; he kills the old man, thinking the beating heart will stop, the old man is dead, and for killing the old man, the beating heart continues. The tell heart can also express the killers heart. Even though he talks to the cops and he is calm and collected his heart starts beating when the deads man heart beats. Both hearts reflect the title. Why? The man “tells a tale” (lies) like in the title about the murder not existing and must of been something else. All of that explains the relection of the title and what in the story reflects back to the title.

Do you want the rest of the stories and look at them as well? let me know in class tomorrow first period.

What is a short story?
A short story is “as a brief fictional prose narrative, often involving one unified episode with flood of events we experience in life is rarely unified by a single impression” Short stories can be a concentrated form for its feelings and suggestions. Short stories can be factual stories included with: Histories, narratives, or real battles, victories, and happenings ECT. A short story is a single setting with an immediate impact and has traditional elements of fiction that are tied into the story. The elements can be:
Plot > which is a sequence of related events composing the narrative.
- In a plot there can be a rising action, climax which is the greatest peak in the story, very suspenseful. There can also be a falling action, foreshadowing which is to show beforehand, and then there can also be irony which is a set of words bring out a opposite meaning than it’s real meaning, almost kind of sarcastic. Then the plot ends with a conclusion.
Characters > A person who plays their part in the narrative
-There is a protagonist which is the main character and there is an antagonist which is a character that has a struggle/opposite of protagonist.
Setting > A place and time in which actions occur and helps to give the story “verisimilitude” (from the book)
- In a setting there is a point of view
  • First person
  • Third person
Point of view > Establishes a consistent perspective on the characters and their acti0ons as the narrative unfolds.
Style > the way an author uses language in the story to create the story and tone in it
Theme > Generalization of the meaning of a story.

Cutting, coloring (5)
Addition, subtraction, math (7)
Fear of fitting in (5)
Just being a little kid (7)
Going to be a whole new world (7)

Cento Poem
Listen to my tale
I have my problems
Knowledge or faith in ignorance and doubt
Fear of fitting in
I am wild and loud
Spinning in a million directions
I am excited about my future
Going buck wild on wild buck