2. Writing - Discuss in depth the relevance of the title "Midnight Snack."
3. Writing - Write a letter to the author Tobias Wolff from "Bullet in The Brain."
5. Writing - Compare and Contrast "Animal Farm" with "The Russian Revolution."
10. Creative - Top 10 list - list ten things you have learned from the story "Emergency."
13. Writing - Write the diary of the character Lynne from "Gas Man."
14. Creative - Make a poster for "The Lottery." Include Characters and Important images.
19. Writing - Write a response to a comment made online regarding the story "The Lottery."
29. Writing - Trading places. Write a one-page paper explaining why you would or would not like to change places with Tessie Hutchinson from "The Lottery".

Humans need stories like humans need air.

Short stories are important because they can be read in a short period, and can provoke a reader into thought, consideration and sometimes action -- as can all stories.