2. Why is it important?

A short story is like a more brief version of a novel. Short stories contain the same elements as other writing and usually draw the same appeal. As long as it connects to a reader, a short story can be intriguing and important to the reader. Short stories need to communicate to the reader.
What makes these authors such remarkable short story writers? They are true masters at combining the five key elements that go into every great short story: character, setting, conflict, plot and theme.



2. Discuss the relevance of the title "The Lottery". (W) DONE
8. Write a letter to Wing from the short story "Hands". (W)
12. Describe the story from the view of the robber/shooter from "Bullet in the Brain". (W) DONE
19. Respond to an online comment made regarding the story, "The Lottery". (W) DONE
21. Create a poster for the short story, "The Lottery". (C) DONE
22. Discuss the relevance of "The Lottery" and it's personal connections. (W) DONE
26. "Pigeon Humor" discusses the issue of loss; talk about how certain people deal with loss. (W) DONE
32. Bake rabbit shaped cookies representing "Emergency". (C) DONE
1. Why is the Nora's greatest fear that she doesn't want to be considered a murderer?
Nora Jean has stayed hidden a majority of her adult life, covering from her violent past. She wanted her old identity to remain a relative secret so that she would stay safe from the punishment of law. She hid not only under a false name but also under the protection of a new life with her new family. She married and had a daughter. Nora Jean was living the typical, peaceful life. When her secret is uncovered and she is captured by police, Nora Jean claims that she did not kill the police officer decades ago and that she did not want to be considered a murderer. She wanted to keep her young daughter protected, not thinking that Nora was a killer. I believe that Nora Jean uses the excuse of her innocent young daughter as a cover up. Nora Jean fought for peace years ago. She, along with a group of others, travelled along the area to promote peace and freedom. I think that Nora doesn't want to be called a murderer because it goes against her lifelong mission for peace.

2. Why did she shoot the officer?
I have to wonder if Nora had other motives in killing the police officer. Her big claim is that she wants peace and to spread the idea of freedom and justice. If killing is never an option, why did she pull the trigger? She could have held the police man off and ran while instead she doesn't even seem to think. She shoots him in the head of all places, immediately ending his life. Nora wasn't about purity and peace. She wouldn't have turned to violence so easily. Nora should have been punished. Instead she hid under lies and secrets.