Project choices:
2: Discuss in depth the relevance of the title - Priscilla and the Wimps (Done)
3: Write a letter to the author - The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (Done)
8: Write a letter to one of the characters or people in the story - Pigeon Humor (Done)
9: Choose your favourite quote from the story. Discuss what you found appealing about it - Hands (Done)
13: Write the diary of a main character from a story - May I Have Your Autograph? (Done)
29: Write explaining why you would (or would not) want to trade places with a character - The Lottery (Done)
34: Your own choice; make a painting in relation to a story - Bullet in the Brain (Done)
32: Make some food from the story for the class to enjoy - Midnight Snack (Done)
Boomtown questions:

1. Why would a criminal want to hide so long? Is she suddenly afraid?
I believe that in this instance, the woman who killed the cop didn't have any desire to truly be that level
of a criminal. Once she was done with the robbery and saw her "partners in crime" killed, i think it struck
a nerve in her head that made her realize this was not a life she wanted to live. I think that family became
a larger part of her life after that, and that was a reason she wanted to stay hidden. She admits to have
only started that family in the first place as a way to keep hidden, but then they truly meant a lot to her as
a family should. I think this is why she was more afraid once they found her and were going to arrest her.

2. Why keep showing the same period of time over and over?
I think this was done to drive home the scene and give the audience more information slowly. This episode
jumps around a lot, going to different times and parts of the story, not in order. I enjoyed this way of seeing
the episode, because it kept details hidden a little longer and also kept the audience paying attention more
to make sure they would understand everything in the end.
First Quarter Project Re-Upload:
Table of contents:

Discuss the relevance of the title:

Letter to character:

Favourite quote, discuss:

Character diary entry:

Trading places: