What does a short story tell us about ourselves?

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves have so much power.
One of the great lessons I have learned in my life is that what happens to us matters far less than the stories we tell ourselves about it.
The stories we tell ourselves shape how we think, what we believe about ourselves, the choices we make and the actions we take.
A “Short Story” helps people in understanding that they are not alone. There are people out there that go through the exact same thing as everyone else and depending on how you handle it depends on how it affects you. Short stories are meant for people to connect with what is being told.

2. The Relevance of the Title (Priscilla and the Wimps)
3. Write a letter to the author ( Priscilla and the Wimps)
7.Write an editorial based on a controversial issue in the story ( Priscilla and the Wimps)
9. Choose your favorite quote ( Civil Peace)
11. Front Page News ( Boomtown)
19. Write a response to a comment made online ( The Cask of Amontillado)

4. Q & A- Pretend your interviewing a person from the story (Boomtown)
21. Make a collage

Boomtown Response to Questions:

Q. Why was "Nora" repeating her name, address & social security number?

A. I think "Nora" was repeating these specific things in her life because she was trying not only to convinvce herself that it was true but was also trying to convinve the police. The more and more she said it, made her feel like it was actually true; even though this was a fake identitiy that she had made for herself after she robbed the bank and killed Victor. She was trying to act as though she never knew who Sharon was and that it wasn't her because all of her original school files ect had disappeared which had made it difficult for them to figure out where and who she was. She pretty much just wanted to erase her past and move on which is why she created a fake name and had a family so she could cover up the mistake she made in previous years.

Q. Does "Nora's" husband not know that she had robbed a bank and killed a man?

A. "Nora's" husband did not know what his wife has done in the past. She robbed a bank and killed a police officer then once she had done that she changed her identity and let an innocent man take the wrap for what she had done. "Nora's" husband never knew that her real name was Sharon and that she changed her identity because she didn't want to get caught. She had never gotten caught because an innocent man was convicted and she never even came forward and fessed up for what she has done. She simply went and changed her complete identity so that she would never get caught. But because Andrea Little reopened the case they looked deep and hard for evidence because there was a strong feeling that Kevin the man who was convicted was innocent.

(10Points) EJB